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sheep 10-09-09

Welcome to the world of the wonderful Icelandic Sheep!  With all they have to offer, this is a sheep that is really exciting. Easy to keep, hardy and prolific, the Icelandic Sheep offers the shepherd, both new and old, a dream come true.

These primitive sheep have magnificent fleeces, and incredible range of colors and patterns, wonderful mothering abilities, great dairy potential, and unusual intelligence. 

It is possible for them to have triplets and quadruplets and mother them without assistance. 

Combine that with their ability to lamb in the pasture without assistance, and you have the ideal sheep!  Come on into our world and learn about Icelandic Sheep!

  • With 17 colors and patterns, the color genetics behind the Icelandic sheep are fascinating.  It's a rich, fascinating study and so much fun to plan for lambing.  Let us share it with you.
  • Our breeding stock has been chosen from the best available stock, and we combine AI Genetics with superior stock bred in this country and Canada.  For fiber, milking ability, easy lambing, prolificacy, and calm intelligence, if you're looking for a sheep, look at our Stock for Sale Page.
  • Do you want Icelandic fiber or Icelandic pelts?  check to see if they're in stock.  We offer beautiful, carefully skirted Icelandic Fleeces to meet your needs, and Icelandic Roving and Felting Batts for your special projects.
  • Have you tried Wet Felting or Needle Felting with Icelandic Fiber?  If not, you've missed out on one of the most satisfying treats you could imagine.  
  • Want to learn more?  Don't know where to start? Want a starter flock?  Check the articles we've written with you in mind.
  • More information?  Check our list of books and magazines and don't forget our Links to other sites!
  • We also sell naturally raised grassfed lamb meat in our local area only.
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