About us

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When we bought our farm outside of Dansville, New York in 1989, we had no idea we would ever have livestock.  We wanted to be in the country, so we could strengthen our concoction to the land.  We wanted enough acreage to walk in peace with our Scottish Deerhounds, to give them and us the chance to feel the peace and serenity of lush green fields and quiet untouched woods.  And, we wanted an old farmhouse so we could feel the history of those that had lived on the land before us.  Wanting to be in the beautiful western Finger Lakes area of upstate New York, we began our search.

We found all of this on a wonderful east facing slope, which has protected us from the chill of winter winds yet always freshens our summer days with a cool breeze which brushes us on its way down to the valley spread out in front of us.

What we found was 130 acres of land with fields, woods, a beautiful creek that rushed into life in the spring and meandered through the summer.

And so we found our hearts’ ease—and loving the little flower of the same name, we christened our farm … HeartsEase Farm.  Waiting for us, too, was our farmhouse, built around 1825 with additions through the years that culminated in the house that has been a roomy, warm, and inviting home for us.

The fields, so lush and green, seemed to need a way to be nurtured and replenished.  In 2001, we attended a local fiber fest and met our first Icelandic Sheep.  They seemed too good to be true!  Hardy, prolific, independent, and intelligent, they beckoned to us.  But we needed them also to be income producing, since we are in our retirement years. Investigating, we found that they actually could contribute to our income!   We'd spent many wonderful years here, and yet somehow we had the feeling that something more was needed.

So, we now have a small flock of top quality Icelandic sheep, and they are giving back to us.  Please see our information pages   for what we found that made up our minds!

The rest is history, as they say.

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