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Welcome to our Stock for Sale page!  We’ve been working for years to build up a really top quality flock of Icelandics, and last fall we kept the best of the best, feeling we’d really accomplished what we’d set out to do.  

Our fleeces have consistently won at Maryland Sheep and Wool and the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival over the years that they’ve been entered, and our raw fleeces sell  repeatedly for premium prices to handspinners that seek quality.  

Our stock is sound and wide and strong, developed for good rumens, easy lambing, and longevity.  Each year, we carefully cull for parasite resistance and have made great strides—this past year some of our sheep were only wormed once!   And we only keep ewes that are of good temperament and easy to handle.  This year we wintered over 34 ewes of superior breeding stock.  

The past year has been a wonderful year for us.  Our lamb flock from last year was outstanding!  At this time, we are at (or above) our upper limit in sheep, though.  What that means, for us, is letting go some of the best stock we’ve developed.  What that means, for you, is the opportunity to purchase some of the best stock available anywhere.  Below you’ll find a link to our stock for sale.

The first page lists our breeding ewes and the ewes that we have for sale.   They represent ewes that have been bred for fleece, meat conformation, hardiness, prolificacy, lambing ease, mothering skills, and personality.  All of these ewes are ones that we would be happy to keep, so that means a lot in terms of quality.  In the spring, after lambing, we make the difficult decision to let some of our breeding flock go, so that we can keep some lambs.  We also sort out the ewe lambs at that time.  Please check out the Breeding Ewes Page to select a ewe you’d like and either contact us or keep watch on the that page to see who is for sale !

The second page is the Ewe Lambs Page that lists all of our ewe lambs and the ones we’ll be selling this year.   They are also the result of years of planning, successfully putting together breedings that we felt would complement the strengths of our ewes. These lambs are excellent quality. 

Please look over our selections, and feel free to contact us with any questions!  We have lots more photos of all of them that we can send, and we have lots more information about each one of them, but limitations of space prevented us from putting it all here.  We’d be glad to help you find just the right sheep for your flock!”

Breeding Ewes List

Ewe Lamb List

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