One of the most exciting things we can think of is to create our own knitted and crocheted items with Icelandic yarn, for ourselves and for gifts.  And one of the most difficult things is to think of a project we'd like to make, but have no pattern and no idea of how much yarn we'd need!

To help those who'd like to make their own creations and who'd like to just buy the pattern and fiber they'd need in one easy package, we've created "do it yourself kits" with everything included! 

We have kits designed for crocheters as well as knitters, and the kits are complete.  For the crocheters, we've even included a size Q crochet hook, and the felting kits come complete with a mesh bag to use in the washing machine!  

Take a look at the samples below, click on each photo for a larger image, and Contact us for more information!

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