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Welcome to our fleeces page!

The sheep we have at HeartsEase have been selected for a number of important traits, and beautiful fleece with a wide range of natural color is one of the top ones.  They are a combination of some of the best fiber sheep produced in this country and the top sheep from Iceland who have been selected for their superb fiber and ability to pass this on to their offspring.  Our fleece is outstanding, as evidenced by our recent wins at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!


pix of fleece samples

Fleeces from HeartsEase are very carefully and heavily skirted so you only get the best of fiber to work with.  Because we skirt this way, we are also very careful to remove all the VM possible, so you wind up with the cleanest, most valuable parts of the fleece.  You will find descriptions for each fleece—as detailed as we can make them.  If you have any additional questions regarding a particular fleece, please call.  Each fleece comes with pertinent information about the sheep that produced it.  We think it is satisfying for our customers to know whether the fleece is from Dahlia or Erika, and to have a picture of the sheep and some information about it.  It’s fun, too!  Sometimes, if a fleece is particularly fine, we’ll offer fleece from the same animal the next year, although we usually  offer only lamb fleeces because they produce the softest, finest wool. 

If you have a project that calls for medium wool (we don't produce coarse wool), please let us know ahead of time.  In that way, we can satisfy your color and texture needs and sell you a custom fleece.  These orders must be prepaid; otherwise we use this wool is either in our own felted products or in felting batts for other customers. 

If you are interested in a fleece from a particular ewe, please let us know immediately, as they don’t last long.  We will hold a particular fleece only until you can send us a check for it.  Otherwise, it will be sold to the next customer.  We want to work with all our customers to see they get just the right fleece

Our prices: 


Lamb fleeces:               $35.00/lb

Adult fleeces:                $25.00/lb         (custom orders only)

*Unskirted lamb fleeces @$20/lb         (when available--these fleeces will be lightly skirted to remove tags and belly and britch wool)

With each fleece, you will get a certificate stating that the fleece you purchased came from that sheep, and you’ll also get a copy of a photo of the sheep.  In this way, if you are creating a beautiful gift for special people, you can also give them photo(s) if the actual sheep the fiber came from!  Also, if you are creating products to sell, there is an added attraction to buyers to have photo(s) of the sheep to show their friends!  Again, it’s fun, and it gives us all a deeper connection to the origin of the items we make and use.


*Unskirted Fleeces

Because skirting is an ongoing process, we sometimes have fleeces yet unskirted.  We will be skirting these fleeces as we can.  In order to give you an idea of what may be coming available, we have compiled a list, available on request.  You may choose a fleece that you want and we will put your order first in our skirting priority.  Until the fleece is actually skirted, we cannot give you an exact price, as there is loss in weight since we carefully eliminate any parts that are not suitable for your use.  Most fleeces will wind up between one and two pounds. 

Should you desire an unskirted lamb fleece, we will make these available on a custom basis only.  We will not sell a fleece without at least removing tags and belly and britch wool.  Please let us know if you are interested in one of these.  The weight on these fleeces will usually be between two and four pounds.  If you see one listed here, it may be available.

*Select Adult Fleeces:  

These girls have distinguished themselves by retaining their fleece quality into maturity.  In most cases, there is little difference in quality from lamb fleeces.  In other cases, the color and sheen of these fleeces is exceptional.

Click here to Let us know if there is something you're interested in--we can email photos of fleece locks for your inspection, or mail a sample lock if you want to feel it.  We want to be sure you get what you want.  

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