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Sheep in a row

Welcome, new friends and old!  This is where our quality stands for itself—in our animals and their superior award winning wool, fleece and conformation.  This has been a good year for us, with beautiful lambs and easy lambing—we were blessed with lots of color AND lots of wonderful, fleecy lambs!  We bred to increase the AI genetics in our flock and to make our wool crop even better! 

Entering the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival gave tangible proof to the quality of our fleeces.  With an entry of three fleeces, we came home from that huge, quality show with a second and a third prize!! What a thrill and testimony to the quality of wool we’re producing!  

All our lambs and many of our ewes have AI Icelandic genetics, and we’re proud to present them to you on our Ewes  page and our Stock for Sale pages. Whether you’re just looking right now or whether you are ready to purchase, we’re happy to have you browse, study, or just enjoy the pictures of our sheep. 

Our Ewes are the backbone and foundation of our business, and they have proven themselves to be hardy, easy lambers, good mothers, and producers of the finest, fast growing lambs we could ask for.  Some of them were born in Canada, on Stefania Dignum’s Yeoman  Farm.  Stefania is the person responsible for bringing these sheep to North America from Iceland, and she has worked diligently to give us all a sound foundation from which to build.   We’re pleased to have the fruit of her experience in our Yeoman ewes.

Two lambs

Some of our ewes came to us by way of Barbara Webb’s Jager Farms.  Barbara was the first person to begin breeding Icelandic sheep in this country, and she has produced many wonderful animals.  Excellent stock came to us, too, from Elaine Clark’s Frelsi Farm in Maine.  

Completing our flock are some incredible ewes from Susan Brigg’s Tongue River Farms in Montana, where the wind blows wild and the sheep thrive.

Our breeding rams are the best—chosen from those we breed and occasionally purchased from other breeders with superior stock.  All of them undergo careful scrutiny and study to select only the very best quality in fleece and conformation, as well as excellent temperaments, so that the lambs that we sell can be the best we can possibly produce. Any rams that don’t meet our standards are culled from our flock.  See our Rams page for more information on them! 

Add to this the AI genetics from Iceland, and you have quality that can’t be beaten, so please enjoy looking through what we have.  Our stock is healthy and free from disease.  Volume purchases earn discounts—please see our Stock for Sale page for more details.  We are in upstate New York, just south of Rochester.    

Sheep with lambs

We have diverse genetic bloodlines because we have begun with some of the best sheep from a variety of sources, and we have been fortunate to have also added some of the best AI blood in Iceland.

Let us know if you would like more information about any of our animals!  Click on the thumbnail photos to bring up enlargements of the sheep and click on the name of the sheep to be taken to their pedigrees!  Also, anywhere on the site that you see an underlined blue word, click there for more information.

If you're interested in purchasing stock from us, our policy allows for multiple purchases which will result in a volume discount.  After the first ewe, the purchase of each additional ewe earns a progressive discount.  The second ewe earns a discount of 10%, the third 15%, the fourth 20%, and the fifth and each subsequent one 30%.  The most expensive ewe will be counted first, etc.  After the purchase of 5 ewes, we offer a ram lamb from our breeding ram list at half price.  We ask for a 30% deposit on all purchases. 

Two lambs

                           All the best from our house to yours!

                                      Frances and Wendy  

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