Breeding Ewes 


Ewe Auriga

This is the kind of fleece that we breed for!

 On this page we're proud and excited to talk about our breeding ewes!  Our goal is to produce the best Icelandics available anywhere, and we've taken great care in selecting what we feel are excellent examples of the breed for our breeding program.  All of these girls are outstanding, or they wouldn't have been chosen for breeding.  

They were chosen for their conformation,  their award winning fleece, their multiple birth records (many times 200% lambing rate or better), their ability to lamb unassisted, milkiness, and ability to pass these qualities to their offspring.  

Another quality that we’re breeding for is resistance to worms.  Many of our ewes now need to be wormed only once or twice in a season.  Our first worming comes just before lambing, and it is a routine one where all the ewes are wormed as a precaution because the next period of time is their most vulnerable.  

To see a list of all our breeding ewes, click here go to our Breeding Ewe List.

Our ewe lambs embody the best of our ewe qualities, too (carrying on the tradition).  You will find some ewes for sale on our Ewe page, and some we won't part with.  

We have what we think is a great discount package:  your first ewe is full price, but our discounts start at the very second one!  Your second ewe will be 10% off, your third 15% off, your fourth 20% off, and your fifth ewe is 25% off!  This discount structure applies to any combination of ewes and ewe lambs.  The first full price ewe will be the most expensive, and subsequent ewe discounts apply to the ewes in descending order according to price.  We ask for a deposit of 30% on any ewe or group of ewes purchased.  

Go to our Breeding Ewes List page to check out our ewes for sale and go to our Ewe Lamb List to see ewe lambs  for sale.  An added benefit of purchasing a group of ewes is that with 5 ewes, you will be able to purchase your ram lamb of choice for half price!  

Enjoy, browse, and give us a call or send an email if you have any questions!  We love to talk about our sheep family.

Ewe Dreamy

Dreamy above and Duet below

Ewe Duet

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