Why Icelandics

At the end of this page, we are going to list for you, all the Icelandic Sheep’s attributes, and they are many, but before we get there, we want you to know how we came to be shepherds for Icelandic sheep.We had been told that a sheep’s ultimate purpose here on earth seems to be to commit suicide.That turned us off sheep as livestock.But then we found that the Icelandic sheep seems devoid of this death wish.Not only that, they fought to survive, and survive they did in the bitter, harsh climate of Iceland!We figured if they could survive there, they were worth considering!          

Next, we had been told, sheep don’t have many brains—and the ones they do have seem to get scrambled in their head.  Not so the Icelandic—they can figure out things in a way that sometimes seems uncanny.  Hmmm, we thought, this sounded more attractive.  We’d had dairy goats and really enjoyed their ability to get the world to go their way, although we didn’t want to be doing daily milking anymore.  

What about the flocking instinct, that would make the mindless mass all jump off a cliff if one did?  Well, the Icelandic, we were told, didn’t have that flocking instinct to the degree that most sheep did.  It made it a little harder to get them all to do the same thing at the same time, but on the other hand, they didn’t panic together and maybe die!

They weren’t a big sheep, and it seemed like you didn’t have to be an Amazon to handle them.Besides that, they were beautiful, with their long flowing fleece and their intelligent faces—and the colors!  

Now we were ready to do a real investigation, and HERE is what we found:

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